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The Rain Of god.

The last week in times of prayer and worship, the Holy Spirit has been emphasizing the rain of God. Rain represents the Presence of God, His Spirit being poured out upon His people, to revive, refresh, and fill with Himself.

The glory of God is promised to come in a “latter rain” the likes of which the Church global has never experienced before.

I believe we need the refreshing rain of the Spirit now; the reviving, renewing filling, in order to carry with total surrender and fullness the coming weight of Glory that the Lord promises in scripture will come upon a generation.

the last 8 months; surrender & dependance.

The way the Lord has been leading His people in this last 8 months has been extraordinary; it has been uncomfortable, new, and unchartered territory.

Not one of us can say that we have ever navigated these waters before.

We have been put into a position of total dependance.

Hopefully leaders in the body of Christ and the people of God have been surrendering to that position of total allegiance and surrender, to give up trying to figure out a way to go, and rather allow the Lord by His Spirit to step- for-step guide us into the new things He is establishing all across the earth in His church.

Because, as we have seen, this is not about one church changing up things or one set of leaders trying to make a new style of church,

This is the Lords doing, and ‘He is doing a NEW THING, do you not yet see it?’ (Isaiah 43)

Can i gently but firmly correct your vision- there is no going back to things as usual.

There is no returning to ‘business as usual’ church or christianity.

We have got to come to terms with the fact that the times we have entered into are just the beginnings of birth pains (Matthew 24), bringing forth the king and His everlasting, ever increasing kingdom. (Isaiah 9:6) And we are born for such a time as this!

have we done the work?

So while this is all happening on a global scale, we have individually all had a giant opportunity laying right before us.

Jesus, in mercy, has been exposing to us what we have inside our hearts. I believe the Lord has been inviting every single one, to come to Him, to come to His table and dine with Him. To have dialogue and intimate time with Him.

He has been inviting you to a place of healing, to heal places that have long been un-healed, to restore broken, first love connection to Him, and renew a fresh sense of His Presence in and upon your life.

There has been so much opportunity to get before Jesus and allow Him to do so much good work on the inside of us. The question now is:

Have we done the work?

The level of response we have shown to the Lord on an individual and personal level will determine how much we will be able to carry in the coming move of Gods great rain and glory.

The personal work before the Lord is necessary if we are going to be pure vessels for Him to work through in the coming years. We need to be digging deep wells of His presence in our lives, so that we know how to get to Him in the coming seasons that lay ahead. It is of critical importance that we each know how to come & get filled in His Presence. (Isaiah 55)

Doing the work is not the work of the ministry. It is the work of being engaged with Him in a real and living way.

He is the Living One. He is not looking for a machine working for Him off in the distance somewhere. He is longing for a Bride, a people who love, look to, and cherish His Presence. There is a huge difference. And He has been coming to close the gap, and call workers back to lovers. (Revelation 2)

The invitation to Get into his refreshing rain.

I want to encourage you, don’t let 2020 pass by without honestly getting times of refreshment from the Lord. He will heal you, He will restore to you joy in knowing Him, He will give you fresh faith to believe all of His Word and Promises, He will give you a greater measure of His Spirit, He will give you eyes to see all the wonder of what He is doing in your life, in the church and in the world. Get into the rain of His Presence this week, engage with His heart for you. Ask that He would make you a faithful, prepared Bride for the coming days. He is faithful to do it in us. Amen.