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I recently heard the Lord speak a clear word to me about the time we are now in as a church body globally.

It is a time of deep consecration, a time of setting ourselves apart unto the Lord as holy instruments for His use and glory.

The call to every believer in this time is to be drawing closer into the very presence of the Lord.

The Lord has been reminding me of how He has opened up total free access into the most glorious place – the Holy of Holies. It is a place as a New Covenant believer that we have free access to because of the precious blood of Jesus. (Hebrews 9:11-15)

His sacrifice was perfect. Meaning we have nothing else to wait for.

We have been washed and by faith we believe and can come boldly Hebrews says into the throne room of God to receive all that we need, every day afresh. (Hebrews 4:16)

I believe for those who will take the Lord up on His invitation to come meet with Him deeply and intimately daily will find a whole new grace for understanding, revelation, & the reading of the Word. I believe the Lord wants to increase understanding and open up our hearts to receive His Word to us like never before. (Ephesians 1:17-19)

I also believe that the Holy Spirit wants to clothe us in His power, but we must learn to wait on Him so that we may receive Him. (Acts 2)

While I believe that the Lord can speak to us in every moment of the day, I do sense that we cannot substitute time set apart that is devoted to focus our hearts and minds solely on being with Jesus, His Word and in His presence in prayer. I believe in that sacrifice of giving your time directly and wholly to the Lord – there you will find a deeper sense of His presence, because you have chosen to give your time totally to Him. He is worthy! And our hearts and minds need a daily dose of being drenched, if you like, in His living words, His living water. We need refreshing, we need freshness on our hearts to see and behold Jesus as He truly is.

As you come to Jesus in prayer and in a time of devotion, remember He is presently seated high upon a throne that cannot be moved or shaken. (Revelation 4) The bible says His throne is established in heaven, which means it is sure, and every word that comes from Him is a word to build your life on.

As our vision of Jesus becomes clearer in our hearts a deep confidence starts to emerge. And we will need bold courage to walk out all the things the Lord is going to ask of us in these days.


You can take up this invitation simply and powerfully. Choose to give time every day solely to the Lord to be in His Word in worship and prayer. If this is new to you, put some worship on, open your bible and begin to worship, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you in the scripture so that your heart is alive with His love.

I pray great times of intimacy, hearing the voice of the Lord to you personally, I pray refreshing rain on your heart, I pray deep trust to build in the person of Jesus Christ, and for a new couragen and bold confidence to emerge in your heart and life, to follow Jesus Christ into all the purpose He has for you in these days.

In Jesus’ glorious Name.